Undergraduate Research Week

Virtual Research Poster Competition

Undergraduate students in all majors were invited to enter their research in the Virtual Research Poster Competition. Click on the title of students' projects to see their research poster and listen to their presentation. The diversity and depth of these projects showcase the valuable research undergraduate students are performing at the University of Arkansas.

The winners of the Research Poster Competition will be announced Friday, April 23rd.

First Place: Ethan Collins, Environmental, Soil, and Water Science & Poultry Science

Influence of Encapsulation of Supplemental Amino Acids on their Utilization in Broilers

Second Place: Elle Rottman, Animal Science

Efficacy of Low-Level Laser Therapy Compared to Carprofen in Reducing the Effects of Osteoarthritis in Dogs

Third Place: Alexis Campbell, Journalism - Advertising and Public Relations

Online Alcohol Advertisements: A study of how alcohol advertisements on social media appeal to young people

Kayla DeMark, Apparel Merchandising

Comparative Analysis of Azo Dye Restriction in the International Textile Industry

Sara Gardner, Agricultural Economics

Determinants of Female Bargaining Power in Northern Mozambican Households

*Due to the small number of submissions in the Agriculture, Art & Design, and Business categories, these submissions were combined into a single category for judging and award purposes.

First Place: Jillian Prince, Kinesiology

The Effects of Interventions on the Physical and Mental Health of Undergraduate Engineering Students in North America

Second Place: Ashley Berghoff, Human Development and Family Science

Parental Autonomy-Granting and Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents with Chronic Conditions

Third Place: Haley Stanton, Animal Science & Kayla Simon, Public Health

Analyzing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Employment in Healthcare Using Structural Change

Madeline Amos, Kinesiology

Dysregulation of the muscle Clock during development of cancer cachexia

Alric Fernandes

Regional COVID-19 Dynamics: Surrogate Synchrony in Case Infection Rates

Breanna Lewis & Devin Boggs Riley, Human Development and Family Science

Developing Cultural Competence among 4-H Leaders

Lauren Murphy, Special Education

Understanding Trauma to Create Effective Trauma Informed Schools

*Due to the small number of submissions in the Education and Health categories, these submissions were combined into a single category for judging and award purposes.

First Place: Mandeep Kaur, Anthropology

Exploring the correlation between carbon and oxygen isotopes to reconstruct Pliocene northern Kenyan environments: Implications for hominin evolution

Second Place: Morgan Browning, Social Work

A Multi-Method Approach to Increasing the Recognition and Knowledge of White Privilege Among College Students: A Mixed Methods Research Study

Third Place: Ashlyn Barton and Owen Knox, Anthropology

Analysis of inter- and intraobserver error when scoring tooth wear in the Cayo Santiago macaques

PDF of Poster

Devin Boggs Riley & Breanna Lewis, Human Development and Family Science

Increasing Student Comfort with Addressing Microaggressions: Ouch! That Stereotype Hurts

Megan Rodgers, International Studies

Educating Peace: An analysis of enforced narratives taught to the post-genocide generation in Rwanda

*Due to the large number of submissions in the Social Science category, these submissions were divided into two gropus for judging and award purposes.

Keynote Speakers

Lynda Coon

Lynda Coon

Dean | Honors College

Click here to watch Dr. Coon's keynote address
John English

John English

Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation

Click here to watch Dr. English's keynote address

Undergraduate Research Week Events

Graduate Student Panel Discussion

Tuesday, April 20 | 2-3pm

Karl Anderson of the Graduate School and International Education moderated a Graduate Student Panel discussion. Panelists included Jean Hugues Bitaa, Katherine Dzurilla, Mahsa Lotfi-Marchoobeh, Juan Marin, Diego Montano and Anthony Sargenti. Watch the recording..

Graduate Business Programs for All Majors

Thursday, April 22 | 2-3pm

Louise Hancox, director of Career Innovation for the Honors College, and Matthew Myers of the Walton College of Business moderated.

Path to Professional Schools

Thursday, April 22 | 3:30-5pm

A presentation on Paths to Professional Schools was hosted by Lorraine Brewer (pre-pharm), Mack Ivey (pre-med), Kathleen Paul (pre-dental), and Lauren Thomas (pre-vet). Watch the recording.

Feature Films

Dive deeper into research by viewing these feature films, available on demand to the campus community:

Picture a Scientist

Human Nature

Decoding Watson

Bending the Arc

Conference Photo Kelsey Marr presents her Biochem poster.

Undergraduate Research Week Held April 19-23, 2021

Conference Photo of Lucas Bellaiche presenting a poster on Psychology and Music.

The national celebration of Undergraduate Research Week was held April 19-23, 2021. The U of A celebrated with a slate of virtual events and a poster competition. All were encouraged to attend.

he week's events featured a virtual research poster competition, a series of workshops and speakers and much more, highlighting the successes of undergraduate researchers.

Conference Photo of  Davis and Campbell presenting a poster on Physics

Undergraduate Research Week at the U of A is a collaboration among the Division of Research and Innovation, the Honors College and the University Libraries.

Undergraduate research week is an event of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). The University fo Arkansas offers enhanced membership to the Council on Undergraduate Research for no additional charge for students, faculty, and staff. For information on membership please fill out this form.

CUR encourages everyone to take to social media and make sure to share a thank you to a mentor or faculty member who has supported your UR endeavors, celebrate your institution, personal, or student successes in UR, or tell us a story about how UR has impacted you. Please tag us at @CURinAction and use our hashtag #URW2021.